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Offload Qatar Problem

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Things you  need to know when going to Qatar for Business Visa. I wonder now why you end-up to this blogpost. I would think you search for Immigration Philippines Offload Visa Qatar Business Visa. Or any of this keywords. But basically, you have been offloaded or secondly, you are heading for Qatar for work but with Business Visa. I would like to share to you an experience a friend of mine has done to have a successful journey in Qatar.

If you are travelling to Qatar with Business Visa the best way to do to pass the  Cool Immigration officer is to book a flight to Singapore or Hong Kong. The best dates are like last June 12, 2015 which is friday and also an Independence day. The Immigration officer might think that you are on a Business Holiday. So book your flight for Friday in about 4Am and be sure that you have your a return ticket back at Sunday. This would be 50% sure that the immigration officer will think you are on a Business Holiday. So how's the other half? The 30% it would depend on how you talk to the Immigration officer. Look at them into their eyes as if you are very sure and sincere. They will be asking so much question and will check on your passport. If this is your first time to go out of the country it would be 20% chance. They prefer that you are already capable of going out of the country. I would also assume you have an ID of your recent company. If you surrender it prior to resigning then go for Recto and order a fake one.(This will add 10%). What my friend did was He resign to the local company but he didn't surrender his Idea. The idea is a living proof that you have a company waiting for you till Eternity!

The last 10%, speak with confidence. Don't slip your tongue. Be confident and have in your mind that you need a job out of Philippines because the country cannot provide you a better FUTURE!

If you have question please feel free to comment below.

Living Abroad

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Just like the Program in National Geographic, Lock Up abroad. I name this blog post as Living Abroad. What is it to be like living abroad? What are the pro's and cons? You might be looking only at the salary you will be able to receive and not taking into considerations other things. I would like to share to you my experience on Living abroad. I will try to share my feelings and point of view leaving out our Dear Philippines and taking advantage of this opportunity.

Saying  Yes on a job offer was a breeze. Given the amount of salary was way too huge. So for about a month of  thinking,I grab the opportunity. At the back of my head I was thinking that it would only take you 6 months of hardwork compare to 5 years I'll spend working in Manila. I work as a Broadcast Support Manager but still pursue my OFW opportunity. I will not use the term OFW Dream since I'm actually half-hearted on my decision. Everyone in the family is excited that finally we will be able to pay for our debts and mortgage. It will be a three months of sacrifice and after that a debt free me! Little that we know that everyday it will be hard for each family member.

How many of you went abroad not because of money? We'll aside that you are tourist. You go abroad because we need money. It is the very reason why. Aside from the neighbor and friends in a social media that adds pressure on their achievement. I found out that not all who went here landed on a good job but that is not the point of this blogpost. If you are living abroad or you will be Living abroad take note of the following:

1. Full-heart Decision.
2. Ability to swallow your Pride.
3. Camaraderie.
4. Hardwork with perseverance plus Good Luck!
5. Find great friends as much as possible.
6. Look for great Taxi or car lift. You'll be needing their service and its much safer to find a Filipino driver.
7. Educate yourself on the culture of the country you are working.
8. Network.... you'll need this once you sense they're firing you up.
9. Silence and self assessment.
10. lastly, SMILE!

It's really hard to live abroad. You only care about yourself. You have to find your food. You have to do your laundry, dishwashing.. and the best part of it..... When you are sick. You have to send yourself to the hospital. It was a daily battle that you are talking to yourself alone in the mirror and just wishing you are HOME. And out of all this crazyness you still persist to stay because of the great salary.

For the last advise if you are like me that have leave my family....Just think of the MONEY and that everything is Temporary. 1 year is enough to save a lot of money and headback home....

I'm currently working here in Qatar as a Senior Engineer for a Broadcast Station.. and I love the salary! hahahahahhahaha

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