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How to process your Visa for Qatar in Manila

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I've read the blog on how to get your passport have its Qatar Visa Stamp in Manila. Although somehow it help me to accomplish my Visa Stamp in Manila. I think it is best to update and post my own blog in order not to waste your time and money going back and forth to Qatar Embassy in Manila. First thing to do, HOW TO GET TO QATAR EMBASSY IN MANILA.

Via MRT Train
If you are coming from SM Megamall you can ride the MRT till Magallanes Station and from there you can get a Taxi. Here below is an interactive  map.

If you want to take a bus coming from Cubao or Shaw Blvd. You can dropby the Evangelista Overpass, cross on the other side and from there walk back. Now here is the trickiest part. On the Barangay Hall you will be asked to sign-up for your name together with your number. This is a un-official list. The Embassy guard don't honor the list. Go straight at the back of Qatar Embassy and ask  the guard for the attendance list. The Embassy accomodates 200 people in a day. Embassy opens 8:30, I would suggest to be early as 6am. After you have listed yourself you can wait at the Barangay Hall or at Starbucks near the Parking Entrance.

*Kind reminders when you are processing your visa. Please respect the Masungit na Guard. Pwede kayo palabasin. Don't use your Mobile when you are inside the Embassy.

*Credit card(MASTER and VISA) and Debit Card (Master/Visa)  are only the acceptable payment. You can open an account somewhere in Paseo De Magallanes. I think I overheard Unionbank can process that for you. After you have pass all your requirements, they will ask you to go back after 3 days at 2-3PM. Just keep your receipt otherwise you won't be able to claim your passport.

For other requirements please see below.

Exploring Qatar with your Dirhams... the best and affordable ways to work or visit Doha.

I've been trying to revive my blog with a great topic but I can't grasp any topic that I can share with.
We'll maybe my 4 months stay here in Doha would be a great start of my blogging journey again. I will try and I hope I would not make up in jail when I have it published. Otherwise, I have to make some adjustments on how I write my blog without fear or just the better side of being an Ex-Pat here in Doha.

So maybe I can start my blogging post by listing some of the topics I can share as of the moment.
I will have to do research and ask questions on some people regarding each topic. Maybe colleagues of different nationality. As we have different opinions an views. For us Filipino, we matter on how big the offer while for them is that they just need a job.

1. Reason working in Doha
2. Problems encountered when heading to Doha. An escapafe of an OFW?
3. Documents and other paper works
4. Tips on how not to get offloaded.
5. Possible way not to be a victim of Laglag-bala gang.
6. How to fight homesick and loneliness
7. Think twice or thrice decision.
8. Roaming around Doha using Karwa bus. The Tipid way of exploring Doha, Qatar.

If you have some other topic or questions that you want to know please feel free to comment below. I'm very happy to help you out and be part of the 100,000 Filipinos helping this nation building for a better Qatar and a better future ahead of us.

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