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Sam's Valedictory Speech

I'm a proud Dad..

Valedictory Speech
Good [afternoon, evening] guests, parents, teachers, and fellow graduates also to our assistant principal, Mr. Michael Edpao, and Principal, Rev. Conrado Edpao.
6 years of studying in the elementary level has made us experience disappointments, victories, sadness, happiness, and also God’s power. God has been merciful in every grade level we enter. Difficulties occur in each one. Sometimes, we surrender to temptations and give up but we have reached this level wherein we resisted the temptations and gained an achievement which the Lord God has kept for us to accomplish.
Some of us have been recognized as a torchbearer but aren’t we are all called to be torchbearers? Yes, we all should be. When we define the word torchbearer it means the one who brings the light or shines his/her light not only in academic excellence but to be a Christ like being and made possible its purpose in serving the Lord in its entirety. God endowed to us talents to be used, a vessel for His glory. God’s word is alive In Matthew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven” and  Matthew 5:4 “We are the light of the world like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden”. We are more than what we could think of and can make a difference in the world because God is Sovereign and by His grace enables us to succeed.
I am thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for apart from Him I couldn’t be where I am now. As I stand before you I give back all the glory and honor to Him who gave me the strength to face trials and rejoice in struggles in my elementary life as well.
To my parents, my mom who have always been there and taught me that this journey is not about being on top but rather the character I could impart to every person on the path it will lead me into, to her advices and encouragement. To my dad, who never fails to support me in my needs physical and emotional and for believing in me, the one who taught me the ways of living according to God’s standards, keeping me inspired and motivated to aspire and achieve my dreams, and have fun. My sisters and immediate family thank you for your cheers and support you all are part of this.
To my adviser Ms. Llaneta thank you for being my second mom the one who made me pursue my academic endeavors, to Mrs. Huegos who is behind me in my competitions thank you as well and to my other teachers I would never be where I am right now without you. From my ABC’s and 123’s and to what I have learned and where I stand you deserve all the applause. You are all amazing.
To My dear classmates’ thank you for sharing life memories in every projects and schoolworks, the friendship and camaraderie. As we walk into another chapter, may we not forget the essence of knowledge and its value, to the many places it could bring us and the lives we can touch. This is the beginning of the many challenges we are about to face but as we are all conquerors in Christ and by His grace we can reign in victory. Congratulations!!
To my alma mater AFCS thank you, for having me and opening avenues of learning with discipline and excellence,  and most importantly in nurturing Christian values that we may use to shed light for God’s glory.
“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” And if I may add sweeter than ever. Thank you and God Bless us all!

How to process your Visa for Qatar in Manila

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I've read the blog on how to get your passport have its Qatar Visa Stamp in Manila. Although somehow it help me to accomplish my Visa Stamp in Manila. I think it is best to update and post my own blog in order not to waste your time and money going back and forth to Qatar Embassy in Manila. First thing to do, HOW TO GET TO QATAR EMBASSY IN MANILA.

Via MRT Train
If you are coming from SM Megamall you can ride the MRT till Magallanes Station and from there you can get a Taxi. Here below is an interactive  map.

If you want to take a bus coming from Cubao or Shaw Blvd. You can dropby the Evangelista Overpass, cross on the other side and from there walk back. Now here is the trickiest part. On the Barangay Hall you will be asked to sign-up for your name together with your number. This is a un-official list. The Embassy guard don't honor the list. Go straight at the back of Qatar Embassy and ask  the guard for the attendance list. The Embassy accomodates 200 people in a day. Embassy opens 8:30, I would suggest to be early as 6am. After you have listed yourself you can wait at the Barangay Hall or at Starbucks near the Parking Entrance.

*Kind reminders when you are processing your visa. Please respect the Masungit na Guard. Pwede kayo palabasin. Don't use your Mobile when you are inside the Embassy.

*Credit card(MASTER and VISA) and Debit Card (Master/Visa)  are only the acceptable payment. You can open an account somewhere in Paseo De Magallanes. I think I overheard Unionbank can process that for you. After you have pass all your requirements, they will ask you to go back after 3 days at 2-3PM. Just keep your receipt otherwise you won't be able to claim your passport.

For other requirements please see below.

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