ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2014: Thank you ang babait ninyo

Different on how they create their yearly Christman Station ID, Abs-cbn, change their approach on doing their Station ID. It is far from how we are touch by the last two years that they produce their video. This time they make use of their The VOICE KIDs talent. I find the music great but something lacking. Lacking in a sense that it didn't deliver why we say thank you. Maybe I'm looking on a story like what they did in the past. Nonetheless, It's an OK video.

Here below is the video of ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID for 2014 with THE VOICE kids talents and champion Lyca.

Corsa S33 Tire Review

I saw this post from a FB page. According to the user it seems that the tire is a little tensile and gristly that it resulted from the photos below. I haven't used Corsa on my Suzuki skydive but rather FDR as my Brand. If this is true that after the Rider hits a pothole this crack happens to the Corsa Tire.

It's a Corsa S33. I'm still wondering now, since I'll be changing shoes soon for my Scooter. It would be better to stay FDR forever.... Forget the price as long as you are safe.... I lean more on the FDR....

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