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Eye Test Touch Games

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Would you like to test your eyes? I find this touch game on Facebook and find it interesting to use for checking my eyes. I got 22 on my first try then 26 on the second try. How about you? Click on the link below to do the EYE test.

Ang Mahiwagang Black Box

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What is Mahiwagang Black Box? Is there really something about this black box that makes it mysterious? To give you a clearer view of what this box do...

I have here a link of the Standard the Philippines are currently using.


I have here a photo of the TV plus from Sky cable. This is actually from ABS-CBN they also include an Abs-cbn Sim card which you can use to register the product.

Image credit : OLX dot com

The first initial settings when the group of TV Committee met was to use the DVB-T standard, but then again they went to ISDB-T. Unfortunately, there are lots of SmartTV and LCD TV that was sold in the market 5years ago that carries the DVB-T platform. Which concludes that you still need this black box to work with your TV.

Why make it special is that you got free tv that you won't be able to see on ANALOG communication. Like for example JeepneyTV and CgeTV. This is ABS-CBN package channel with the black box. Solar Entertainment also has ETC, BTV and 2nd Ave. in the DTT transmission. Unfortunately, they are still not transmitting it allover the metro. If you are staying within Mandaluyong there is a chance that you'll be able to get this channel.

Unlike Analog transmission that you use one tower to propagate within a big area of Metro Manila, Digital Terrestrial Transmission needs a repeater in order to cover a wide range of territory. Just the same how cell site propagates their signal. If you intended to buy a black box or "Mahiwagang Black Box" it's up to you, but I think when 2016 comes the value of the box will go down. 

I think there are also USB dongle available in the market. Why buy something you cannot use for now since all the TV station are not yet seriously transmitting signal over their Digital Transmission..

Happy Black Boxing!

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