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Visa Stamp for Qatar

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There were changes from the last years procedure on getting your visa stamp which I have already written the procedure here on the link below.

And the summon of every Filipino had been answered. We don't need to fall in line and we don't have to wake-up early morning and only to find out that we are not included on the cut-off. We won't also be require to use Credit Cards anymore as not all of us have Credit cards or ATM Visa. Thank you Qatar Embassy for such changes. There are alot of requirements for each Visa, If you are a Resident, Tourist, Work Visa or Business visa. The list below will help you to acquire your Visa Sticker. (Please do take note that the list of requirements below are from the WWWexpress website.)

Compliance Recording Rules and regulations

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In this modern technology where everything is fast paced and all the turn of events are quick. You have to realize that you have to stop, rethink, stop and move. Well that was just an introduction but what I wanted to discuss and write is about Compliance Recording on the Broadcast Industry. We all are govern by laws for us to have orders and discipline. Rules and regulations that we have to keep up with. I'm working in the Middle East, on a Prestigious News TV where we extend the limit of credible news gathering. Bound by Rules and regulations by the Office of Communications in UK or OFCOM. I have decided then to put information that I have read on their 600 page PDF file.

Why you need to know those rules? You need to know those rules in order for you to decide on design your Compliance recording System. This particular rules will let you decide the scale and licenses that you need to obtain or acquire with your vendor. There are 3 compliance recording system in the market that I've known. They are the following; Volicon Systems, Axon and Actus. All of them has particular advantages and disadvantages but nonetheless they are still bound by the Regulating Committees based on the area where you are broadcasting.

So what are the rules that you need to know. Please keep in mind that this are basic rules that will keep your TVstation in compliance in particular with OFCOM and FCC.
1. You need atleast 90 days maximum of recording. This particular recording are video signals that are receive by your customer.
2. Loudness metering standards- OFCOM doesn't require loudness compliance but rather the Ads agency. I have check that the the standards us is the ITU BS.1770-R.
3. Mostly complaints from what I have research are more on the decency of the Video content itself.
4.In case you have multiple satellites beaming on the same particular region, OFCOM only require one recording in such a case that the same video source had not been altered.

For the FCC compliance, They require atleast 60 days of recording. In the United States, they follow the CALM act which is actually using the ITU BS 1770-R.

I'll be happy to help in case you want to know more of the standards on the compliance recording.

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