Honda Wave Alpha125 Review


Another motorcycle from Honda reach the Philippine shore. Boasting for its economical fuel consumption the Honda Wave 125 Alpha is an affordable commuter bike. Equipt with  a 124.8cc engine this motorcycle will surely encompass all other bikes.

Below is the specification of  HONDA Wave 125 Alpha.




On the other hand, I don’t like the change on the facelift. It seems snob like a shih tzu that has no pointed nose. With all the other manufacturer working on a futuristic look, it seems the designer went back to the OLD age of the Galaxy. The plastic are too brittle as it looks and sorry to say, There’s nothing stunning. Let’s see how the Filipino will work on customizing the look of this beast.

I want to know your input. Please comment.

Selfie McDo Commercial


Do not  judge how old a man is, He might be techier and geeker than you are. I was amaze again how Mc Donald was able to capture the stunning fad selfie gesture using an old man. Isn’t it Ironic to see such?

I have here below the Selfie Commercial. ENjoy!


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