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HID problem | Battery Overcharging

I have a problem with my HID system. My scooter’s stock headlight system can’t help me especially at night ride. I decided to buy this HID last February of 2009.After two months my stock battery died. I hurried to the Battery shop and bought a new one. A motololite MF4L but come this October the battery died. It was like every 6 months I have to change the Battery which cost me Php 500.

I decided to check my HID system on the internet. I also called the attention of the Seller of the Item but his answer is not fair in my point of view. He just said, "ikaw lang ang nagkaganyan sir." I was pissed off.

Now on checking the voltage supply of my HID, I got a high result. The voltage dropped to 16v on High RPM and at Idle the voltage drop si 12volts. Many of these Funny sales guy promised you that there are no LOW-Batt on their HID.

YES! They are correct. This setup won't give you headache on Battery Drain. Nevertheless it will give your Battery life as easy as you have imagined. (kaya pala tinanong ako ni PJ Bonza: Naka HID ka ba? kasi pag HID there are no warranty) Oh my gosh! Indi ako nag-iisa sir! Marami din palang naka HID na nadedrain ang kanilang mga Battery. That's why I call them Funny Sales guy, They make me smile with their promising voice.

So then I went to a good friend of mine, (master Circuits) and told him my problem with the HID system. Today, he finally installed a relay circuit.

The circuit will act as an automatic switching powersupply. When I'm running on stock Bulb, I'm at the stator's lighting system. If I go for the HID system, It gets its source to the Battery. Cool isn't it!

We checked the Voltage drop it's a perfect 12.5v on the idle. And eventually little by little the Voltage increases.

The HID system is a system for me. I might be buying 2 sets but I think never buy it again to that guy.

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