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Kodak Z1085 IS : I can't get a better picture on the world pyro olympics

I got dissapointed when I look at the pictures I shoot today at the World Pyro Olympics at The Fort. All of them have trails of lights on it and sometimes it's blur. This is my first time to shoot at the fireworks. And it seems to me that I need to research more of my Kodak Z1085 IS.

So here we go.. After researching for a getting more or squeezing more of my PEEPING camera. I found a lot of information. at first I take a look at the definition of Aperture and shutter speed. I think I need more practice at this point in time. Shooting at the fireworks is good but I didn't got a clearer and better shots. 

I will try again next week on the World Pyro Olympics if my research pays me back. Or I have to check with a colleague on how I can take a good pictures out of this dancing lights.

Here are the sites I'm currently reading/researching. Please join me!

All the best!

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