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Suzuki Skydrive Vietnam Version….

suzuki Skydrive Vietnam Version
Smooth shape means smooth airflow
As functional as it is good looking, the SkyDrive’s aerodynamic form contains several functional details. the protruded top corners of the leg shield help divert frontal wind right and left for a smoother airflow. The frame covers feature intakes that help draw in more cooling air. The leg shield is folded out at the bottom to reduce mud splashed reaching the rider.

Front boxes and hook
Convenient boxes are provided on both sides of the leg shield for carrying plastic bottles or other small items. A hook at the center comes in handy for carrying a shopping bag 

Spacious floorboard
Despite the Skydrive’s slim overall styling, the floorboards are well-sized and shaped for rider comfort.  


Underseat storage space
The underseat storage space is a result of an insistance on delireing both the futuristic styling and the user-friendly convenience.

Corider footrests
Diecast aluminum corider footrests are lightweight and feature a high quality finish. 

Shuttered ignition switch
The ignition switch key hole is covered by a steel lid (opened by a magnet on the ignition key) – a simple and effective theft protection measure.  

 Stylish, easy to read meter panel
The instrument panel is designed with an emphasis on both high quality feel and easy reading. The speedometer is at the center, flanked by a fuel gauge on the right and indicator lights on the left.

High performance & durable engine 
Superb acceleration performance delivered with the use of Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) plated cylinder, Super CVT transmission and a careful reviewing of the intake and exhaust systems to deliver high effeciency for customers’s satisfaction.
Increased acceleration performance
Easier maintenance and more suited for water-clogged roads
UK125’s CVT is emphasizing greater acceleration performance of low to mid range.
A transparent PVC cap is added on the size of CVT cover, for easier maintenance.

Use of plated cylinder “lightweight and with superb cooling performance” helps make possible a high-power-output and highly durable engine.
Features of the plated cylinder include
+ Light weight
+ High power output
+ Low fuel consumption
+ High performance
+ Higher durability (Higher than conventional cylinder)
+ Higher cooling efficiency (Same level as liquid cooled engine)

The system ignites unburned gas
The system ignites unburned gas, reducing environmentally polluting substances

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