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Cafe World Cheats,tricks and Tips

You want to take the first position that your friends.But even you tried hard your still not having a good hair day. I’ve always try to cheat with my friends by cooking the overstuffed peppers. It took 12 hours to cook the dish but the CP gain is very much better than the 2 day homestyle pot roast.Cafe World cheats,tips and tricks are discussed here.
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Most Cafe World players love to level up and get to places where cool things can be done. Who likes to see their neighbors move up while they are stuck at one place? So follow the secret tips below and you can quickly zoom up to Level's 20, 30, and beyond.
If you a make a bad decision and cook the wrong dishes, you will find it very difficult to level up. Each dish you choose has a different cooking time, volume per serving, and the number of Cafe Points awarded for every customer you serve. Therefore the dishes you choose will have a big impact on how quickly you can achieve the higher levels. You should try to focus on dishes which cook the fastest so you can serve more customers. That way you can also rotate new dishes more quickly for better results.
A couple of great examples of this are the Bacon Cheeseburgers and Chips and Guacamole. Both of these dishes take only five minutes to cook but they provide 7 and 5 Cafe points respectively. If you can stay in the game long enough and cook these dishes over and over again, you will earn a lot more points than if you were choose a dish which took far longer to cook. It may have a higher point volume but you simply can't earn nearly as much over a given time period.
Plan your Cafe layout and cooking schedule
Since you now know what to cook, you need to properly plan the layout of your Cafe and develop an optimum schedule for cooking these dishes. This aspect is very important not just in terms of leveling. It also has a significant impact on your Buzz Rating along with how many coins you can earn in an hour. You need to keep a close watch on both of these stats as you move up the levels. When you reach a high enough level, this is all that will matter to you.
In focusing on the layout of your Cafe, try to arrange it so your servers don't have to travel very far between their customers tables. This will improve the speed of service and allow you to serve more dishes over a given period of time. This will increase your Buzz Rating and you will capture more customers resulting in more Cafe points and higher levels. The schedule becomes equally important since you may not be able to play the game for hours on end to cook burgers every five minutes. That is why there are a variety of dishes which can be cooked over different intervals - from 2 hours to 48 hours.
Plan out the dishes which have high Cafe point values and which are best suited for your desired timeframe. You want to become very familiar with all the aspects and strategies of Cafe World in order to achieve the strongest result. This means you have to balance your Cafe point gains with coin increases and Buzz ratings. The more you play, the better you'll get and be in great shape as you move towards the higher levels.
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