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MegaSquirt – Electronic Fuel Injection Kit

by PAUL CROWE - "THE KNEESLIDER" on 2/28/2006

I find this article regarding the Fuel injected kit for Scooters and underbones. Almost 3 years when it was posted. But It seems to be working fine. I do hope here in the Philippines will come out a Fuel Injected Kit for Scooters and Underbones. I have my suzuki hayate 125 but it still carb type ignition system.

MegaSquirt DIY Electronic Fuel InjectionA comment on our post about flexible fuel motorcycles mentioned the MegaSquirt Electronic Fuel Injection kit which I had never heard of, so I thought I should check it out.

In my post, I mentioned how E85 ethanol is getting a lot of coverage these days and I was wondering if any motorcycles were capable of running this without damage or major modifications. Our commenter notes that he has been running a Suzuki GS500 on E85 after only rejetting. Of course he can't just fillup with gasoline now since the jets would be way too rich so he's not really flex fuel capable and would need something like the MegaSquirt to make that happen.

Turns out the MegaSquirt is pretty neat. It's a homebrew EFI setup that can be adapted to engines from 1 to 16 cylinders. You build it yourself and adapt it to your own application. There are parts and kits available, complete schematics and wiring diagrams and what looks like a pretty active and comprehensive forum for those building the kits. There is a computer program for setting it up to your parameters and the whole setup looks very sophisticated and well thought out. This is cool.

All of the parts added together total about $170 and if you are at all interested in really modifying engines and learning how everything works, especially if your particular application is not the usual run of the mill setup, the MegaSquirt looks to be just the ticket. Their website looks to be very detail rich, too. I like this a lot.

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