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A rant regarding a scooter shop in Pasig.

Yesterday, I was looking for a roller weights for my suzuki Hayate 125. I ask the guy if they have this roller weights for Hayate and he told me just ask the girl inside the shop. I ask the saleslady and told her  I need a roller weights with a grams of 13 and 12. Unfortunately, the available weights are 13 and 10 and all are in 3 pcs only. Then so i said Ok , I need six. So then I headed to my bike.

This guy again ask me if I want to do a KALKAL technology. Yung kalkal daw kasi nila eh iba ang technology. Para daw makahabol yung Hayate ko sa mga naka big bore. He even insisted that I should be a member of Hayate club. So then I’ve introduce myself. I’m clutch of PSRC. A founding member and Webmaster. Eh di ayun na sinabi ko na direcho namna sya ng salita. Hayz. Naasar ako.

Napuna ko lang. Ibig bagang sabihin na pag pupunta ka sa shop na ganun eh racing na kaagad ang hanap mo. Indi ko din masisisi yung MAMA kasi siguro maraming nagpupunta dun na ang tanong eh paano po pabibilisin ang scooter ko. I personally and sincerely told him. Sir I don’t race. I don’t zig-zag on the street. My main purpose for riding is to be come safe from home.

I just have one recommendation to you. Please ask first the Rider if what he wants to accomplish. Not jumping into conclusions that I want to race. I wanted to decrease my 14gms rollerweights for a better acceleration. I don’t mind the TOP end. I don’t used it frequently. I cruised everyday from 40-80kph and that’s it.

Ask first your customer don’t even tell them or manipulate them rather ask him/her the pros and cons. Build a shop that is user friendly not money friendly. a shop that will help not because of money and you will be amazed there will be a lot more rider’s referring you from one  to another.

That was my first time and It shocked me alot. Para akong nakikipag away sa discussion. Ipinipilit na gawin ko ito at iyon sa motor ko. EH pure stock nga ako.

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