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up and down on degrees condition

I have just been awaken from my 3hours sleep. My hand suddenly grasp my daughters elbow and I got shock that I almost thought she was burning. It was almost 5 days that her body temperature is like a roller coaster ride. it goes to 38 degrees celcius then again back to 36.4. I was wondering if the paracetamol she was taking is a fake or not.

I took a towel dampened here armpit and elbows together with her forehead in order to put down the high temp that she is experiencing. Her only complain was it was very hot eventhough our airconditioning unit is on and I’m on a sack cloth just to kept me warmth she managed to say that she’s feeling hot. Oh gosh!…. I give here a paracetamol just now.12am at exactly as I am  able to remember. I don’t know if my daughter is suffering from measle since there are rashed over her stomach area.

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