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Honda Launches All-New Wave 110i with PGM-FI

BANGKOK, Thailand, January 10, 2009–Honda has highlighted its two decades of leadership in the Thai motorcycle market by launching the Wave 110i, a family motorcycle that offers the greatest consumer benefits.


Wave 110i

The Wave 110i is a trendy new vehicle in the “Modern Cub” style, designed under the “Precious Commuter” concept.  It features cutting-edge PGM-FI technology, which creates a new standard for the family category. To connect with its target consumers, Honda has chosen Dan-Worrawech Danuwong, a famous singer-artist, as presenter for the Wave 110i, which comes in three different models and eight different color schemes. It will be sold from 15 January onwards at a starting price of 34,000 baht. Honda is targeting sales of 400,000 units per year for the Wave 110i.
According to Zenjiro Sakurai, President of A.P. Honda Co., Ltd., “The 2008 motorcycle market saw a total registration of 1,703,000 units, a 6.5% increase compared to the previous year. Honda accounted for 1,151,000 units of the total motorcycle registrations, which represents a 67.5% market share. Honda is clearly the market leader and we have successfully maintained this leadership for 20 consecutive years. Honda also has high growth potential for the family motorbike segment, with a total registration of 777,000 units, or 90% market share.
“In 2009, consumers are expected to be more discerning when they make major purchases, ensuring they get the greatest benefits. With its unique values of trust, economy and utility, the innovative Honda Wave 110i is expected to meet consumer demands.  Today is a great opportunity for Honda to highlight its strength in family motorcycles. The Honda Wave 110i sets a new standard for family motorbikes and was upgraded to greater realize its potential in today’s highly competitive market.”
The “Wave 110i” was developed from the “Cub” series that has consistently received a tremendous welcome since its launch 10 years ago.  To date, recorded sales of motorcycles in the “Cub” series total 7.4 million units. The latest model focuses on a modern image, engine efficiency and a high-tech fuel injection system that yields greater performance, fuel savings, and cleaner exhaust emissions.
Adopting the Athletic Form blending into curved design the Wave 110i reflects the strength and agility of a great athlete, enhancing ride enjoyment.  The front part of the Wave 110i is outstanding with an eye-catching Multi-Reflector Headlight and turn signals featuring a special orange colored Crystal Eye Line making it more striking and noticeable from a long distance.The 3 dimension Renew Athletics Shield is designed to match with the front pediment while the inner shield is nicely fused with the front console protecting motorcyclists from water and wind under all conditions.
The wide meter is rendered in a unique sporty design with a comprehensive series of indicator lights. The fuel injection light turns on when the starter key is activated. The glow key shutter supports the modern double layer lock technology. The curtain of the key shutter will close automatically after the bike is locked and the key is pulled out. The glowing key hole provides more nighttime convenience.
The rear part of the Honda Wave 110i highlights the sporty, ergonomic and comfortable seat cushion with underneath U-Box that provides spacious storage. A slim tail light with black trim has a modern look and is well-matched with the rear grab. The side cover is designed in the motor sport style with black left and right skirts. The durable, twin choke-oriented suspension system provides steady weight support. Other major features of the new model include a chic chain cover and new compact oval shaped standard muffler. The Honda Wave 110i incorporates a steel engine heat shield for added safety.  More importantly, the new Honda Wave 110i offers easy starting as it does not require a fuel choke and uses a compression reduction system.
The new Honda Wave 110i is powered by a 4-stroke 110 cc engine with built-in air cooling. The innovative PGM-FI technology gives the new bike 25% higher riding performance and 18% more fuel economy than the Honda Wave 100 (according to tests of ECE40MODE). The new bike is also friendly to the environment as its exhaust meets the tough Emission Standards at level 6 and is able to use gasohol E20.
To boost the Honda Wave 110i identity and ensure a closer relationship with target consumers, a range of marketing communications activations will be undertaken. To achieve this, Dan-Worrawech Danuwong, a popular artist has been named as the brand ambassador to help promote the new model.
The Honda Wave 110i is available in 3 series and 8 designs and colors: two designs with wheel type, front disc brakes and starter switches in white-silver and red-silver; four designs with wheel type, front disc brakes and kick starter in blue-silver, light blue- silver, red-silver and black-red; and two designs with wheel type, drum brakes, and kick starter in blue-black and brown-black.
To serve riders who prefer to decorate their bikes in their own unique styles, Honda offers a wide range of C-parts for enhanced decoration that meets customer demands and also provides a collection of fashionable apparel that matches the new model.


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