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I miss to ride my scooter.


T’was 2 weeks I haven’t able to ride my scooter. I got two automation upgrade last week. One client from antipolo and one is from Quezon city. It was tiring, to make it short talaga. tooooooooooooooooooooooooo tiring. Everyday I have to fetch my support friend at his hotel at 9am and have to get him back at 12midnight. Although sometimes we even have 2am in the morning. I drive the company’s 10 year old Mitsubishi Adventure. All powered and Casa maintained. Aircon was good but I really hate to drive such big cars. All Utility Vehicles (AUV) are really heavy and I really have a problem shifting its gears. I think it has the low gears on the first that is why you need to change gears when the wheels turn half. I dunno maybe it’s just me.


I was sitting very long for traffic in the J. Vargas strip. Where I saw my colleagues running their scooters from between cars. Hayz.. I really love scooters. Economical and traffic friendly. You don’t have to waste your time waiting for the Light to go green at the back line.

Yesterday, My friend support went home. Everything works except from an SQL locked out process. Tomorrow I’m going to ride my scooter again. I miss my Suzuki Hayate a lot. Given a change. I won’t have to sell this scooter. Accidents are accidents. They say that bikes have greater percentage on accident. Yes but cars have the most fatal ones. Search for it.

And because of this activity I wasn’t able to write and blog for this site.

All the best and I hope to hear from you too..

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