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Idiot’s Guide on Riding your Scooter

Part 1

Originally published:

Smart, way cool and a whole lot of fun. You’ve gotta love a scooter. And if you ride well, you’ll get to enjoy it for life. Everyone’s got their style. You may want to add some of these tips to yours.


Style and comfort; style that fits even pathway, which made  for a regular and big vehicle  unable for you to see. That’s why perceive that they don’t see you. If your attitude towards riding a scooter is like a wind, that you can only feel, be aggressive and a defensive driver to avoid mishap which may lead you to catastrophe.



Ride like a regular vehicle stay in your lane. Be conscious, swerving left and right could help you avoid unexpected things along your way. Choose a lane that will give you the best road surface.


Vehicle congestion gives you opportunity to empathize, everyone wants to be on their destination, arriving on time, and be on their way to office or home early or what ever errands they have, give way and patience is always a virtue let them pass and be cool.



Respect municipal Ordinance, every city has its own rules when it comes to scooters or motorcycle. Like in Makati for example, number coding are strictly implemented even in holidays. But in Marikina there’s no number coding.



Let’s face it, getting to the front of a whole line of cars can feel pretty good. And it is OK to pass stationary vehicles, provided you indicate before pulling out and don’t cross over a yellow line. Just be careful not to knock a car wing mirror on your way past. It’s not OK, however, to pass on the extreme left. Drivers aren’t expecting anyone to move through there and they may decide to pull over to the left at any time. When you get to the front, you’re not meant to cross over the stop line. So you can end up getting a bit squeezed when things start moving again. You may prefer to hang back a bit and find a gap where you can own your lane, especially if you ride a smaller scooter that doesn’t accelerate like a car.


Riding along in groups , should form in a single staggered formation. Every rider will have a good look over the road ahead and opportunity to stop when needed.



Scooter riders need to focus on the road. staring blankly in front, maybe rear bumper of a car, could welcome danger. Keep in mind focus and be alert always when riding.



It may be easy riding a scooter, but like school you have to learn basic and correct riding lessons. What you’ve learn as  well as skills must come together to have a smooth ride.


It pays to check the most important part of your scooter. Its your armor and shield. Since scooter has front and back brakes, make it known to you to use it to slowdown or stop or what to use for each time you need it. Practice safe braking techniques.

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