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IE6 is dead, So what. There are a lot better Browsers out there


IE 6 is dead read more about it here. But this one didn’t surprised me. When Firefox came to light I change my browser and forget about Microsoft Browsers (Internet Explorer). I founf IE6 very buggy and lots of soft crashes. The only thing I used IE browser is when I have a newly installed Microsoft OS and have to download FIrefox. You see there are many IE users because they are used to it. When Web 2.0 was born they didn’t realized there are more far greater browser than IE6.

When Firefox upgrade to version 3.0 I switched over to Google Chrome. A more light-weight browser that serves my purpose. No more hacks and no more configuration settings. You can even search on the address bar. I like most about Google Chrome is the ability to go INCOGNITO. I used this feature when I’m paying my bills online. This special feature gives you the ability not to store cookies on your temp directory which also aid on helping you not to be hacked or compromised by anyone.

Again, I say it serves my purpose.

Thanks IE6 for having you dead. I try to check again with IE with higher version if MS change the way their browser browse.

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