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How to use Google Chrome Incognito mode

Incognito is a way of securing your online experience. Why you need to do Incognito? because using the default Google Chrome does save cookies which are prone to hacking.

When Google announces its browser last year I’m one of the beta tester who tried their browser. Although I’m a big fan of firefox I still got a hold for this Beta testing. The google chrome is  a built in Google search button. On the Address Tab you can just put in your keyword.

Now because all of my bills are paid online I have to be sure that my online experience is secured when doing transactions. Good to know that Google Chrome has this Incognito window. When Google Chrome is in Incognito window. You are secured. No Cookies are saved. Meaning if you have put your username and password it won’t be saved to a file name cookies. The next time you use incognito window the browser won’t remember your last login.

On how to use the incognito window. Here are the steps by steps:

On the upper right corner, There is a wrench tool. Click on the arrow to drop down the list.



Select NEW INCOGNITO WINDOW, for a more secured browsing experience.


Another window the same with the default Google Chrome will be launch. The only difference that you will notice is that there is an icon on the upper-left corner that looks like a detective or inspector.


Enjoy paying bills online without the worry of being Hack. This is a nice way to know how Google secures your browsing experience.


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