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Melardenio’s Blogging History

I was checking on my Adsense account and check on the payment history. I click on the View: drop down list and selected all time. I was amazed. I started my blogging career May 2006. It was the time my adsense had been approved.

I receive my first paycheck March 2008. Way to go. What a leap of the past. Actually I really don’t have belief that I can earn online. Nonetheless, I was wrong. I just cash out my First google Cheque. After the tremendous leap of faith. I stopped to blog. Because I don’t earn  alot from it. I also don’t know how and why. Eventually I registed to for my personal blogs.

Until 2009 came when my Company send me to Jomar Hilario’s workshop. I learned more how to optimized the placement of my ads.Together with that I got a better grasp on how to check if a keyword has lots of searchee.

From then on i continue to blog. But not using my own mind but doing a copy and paste of articles and sending back their links. I did earn. I earn a penny I think as far as I remember.

When I decided to have an internet in my house. Then it’s a fiesta. Every night I read on the Blogosphere. I came to read blogs from pinoy from NZ. I got to know Kiwi Pinay. I have also met lots of blogger. My First time Blogger’s event was the SM Marikina Wifi test. Which sadly  the blog that My company is hosting got problems. I somewhat have lots of experience from that blog. But I also don’t earn alot.

I then came and met Ark of I read his blog many times. And what Inspires my is his $2000 adsense for 1 year. wheeew… I just see his blog from Directory submission and from then on my blogger friends grew.

I then stumble on’s ebook. This was the greatest ebook about blogging that made me finished in one seating. Terrible as it seems this ebook help me alot. This ebook is free. Why free because the Author wants every Filipino to be rich. Now If you want to earn online. Grab his ebook now. I have the link here.

Right now, My adsense keeps in surprising me. From the day I bought my domain.  I learned more and read more. I want to hit $5 a day. That’s my goal for the half of the year.

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