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BDO scandal –Jennifer Gumarang

Another scandal but now it’s coming from a private company. BDO employee Jennifer Gumarang caught doing the thing with a guy inside a SUV. Jennifer is employed to BDO as a teller. She was beautiful that might charmed clients to send offer to her. According to rumors the guy is married and it is the Wife who uploaded the video on YOUTUBE as a revenge for the husband. I won’t be messing up with my site since this is not a p-0 R n site. Please click on the links.

According again to sources, Jennifer Gumarang commited suicide. I have no idea if this is true. Jennifer is supposed engaged to her Boyfriend. When this things happen.

Now if you are looking for videos to download and watch the video. I don’t have it here. Have pitty on Jennifer Gumarang please.


The name of the guy is Fight Marcelo.

Here’s the link Vedio.


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