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How to put 5 Adsense Codes on Blogger

Have you notice that? When google change their rules on posting the number ads per page from unlimited( i actually don’t know) to only 3 I got disappointed. I have to remove all other codes because even if they are inserted on the html the code weren’t able to show up for the visitors. So then I realize that in order to put 5 adsense code in one post two of them should be at the TOP and Sidebar and the 3 remaining should be within the post. I got this idea from a blogger too but because I’m too shy to ask how he do that I just get his source code and take a peek on how he do that.

So then I have 5 adsense code in one Page post. If you are trying to add codes within the post please send me a comment so then I will know I will have to continue this post on HOW TO PUT 5 Adsense codes on Blogger.

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