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Six Vedio | Vedio | Vidio

Looking for pleasures? Looking for Girls to date? looking for romance? If you have type in the keyword six vedio you came to the right place. Click on the links to redirect you on the keyword.


Video for S*x are really search over and over again. It was very amazing how it hits google trends. I have here the search trends from google. Checking on the trends. a High Traffic Keyword and checking on the density of this keyword 480k of competitors. LOD! This keywords came from macuha. I also wanted to optimized and add this on my HITLOD collections.


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There is always a way to find Six Vedio in the Internet. Typing this keywords on your google search is really  cool to analyze. From 2009 to 2010 a search on this wordSIX VEDIOgot a whoooping visitors of 20.0 on the search volume index. A very huge traffic came from the regions of Morocco especially in the city of Casablanca.

Among the most misspelled keywords also came from Sri lanka are “Vedio”,”vedios”,”vidio”,”vidios”,”vedio”. Sri lankan’s used arabic languages.I searched over the Arabic Alphabet and noticed that on their vowels they don’t have the Vowel “e” this is the reason why the word they intended to find became SIX VEDIO. OPPPS but they know the letter ‘E’ but it seems that the pronunciation for them for the word E and I are interchange.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia.

Long vowels

A long a following a consonant other than a hamza is written with a short a sign on the consonant plus an ʾalif after it; long i is written as a sign for short i plus a yāʾ; and long u as a sign for short u plus a wāw. Briefly, aʾ = ā, iy = ī and uw = ū. Long a following a hamza may be represented by an ʾalif madda or by a free hamza followed by an ʾalif.

In the table below, vowels will be placed above or below a dotted circle replacing a primary consonant letter or a šadda sign. For clarity in the table below, the primary letter on the left used to mark these long vowels are shown only in their isolated form. Please note that most consonants do connect to the left with ʾalif, wāw and yāʾ written then with their medial or final form. Additionally, the letter yāʾ in the last row may connect to the letter on its left, and then will use a medial or initial form. Use the table of primary letters to look at their actual glyph and joining types.

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