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Ariel, Luna Maya, Cut Tari Video Scandal

Is it really Luna Maya?

There have been a video I have watched but I wasn’t sure if they were Ariel Peterpan.

If you are looking for the video of the skandal of ariel (peter pan band ) Luna Maya and Cut Tari then you won’t find it here. I have seen the video and it looks to me that its not ariel and luna that is having a joy ride.

Luna Maya’s Profile:

Luna was born August 26, 1983, Denpasar, Bali island, Indonesia. She now resides in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is a beautiful Indonesian  actress on a category (film, movie, television), female model (supermodel), fashion model, female singer, Indonesian top star (superstar),

She also a commercial model for  Lux star 2006, famous women in the world of Indonesian entertainment and modeling, and women celebrity.

On the other hand,

Ariel is a member of the Peterpan Band.An indonesian pop-rock musicians. Here are some of the profile background about ariel.


Here is the Picture of Luna Maya. Are they the same? or just a look a like?


.luna maya



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