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Gail Posner’s dog inherit her fortune

Wow.. a beach a mansion and $8.3M . How does a Chihuahua know that it can spend all of that. I’m simply amazed how Americans really loved their pets that even on their last will testaments they share part or sometimes full of their fortune on their pets.

Here are the full story of Many Millionaire Dogs who had been so fortunate with their owner. It’s reality bites that many rich people don’t know how they can spend their millions,in my opinion. There are lots of great stories of a millionaire who gave her/his fortune to his dog or cat rather than giving it to their son/daughter or grand children. I wonder why? Is it selfishness or just plain reason that assurance on their pets that it will be loved for the rest of their lives. I hope they put their fortune on the Philippines. Helping out my fellow country men. I just wished they also share their wealth with the less fortunate in the Philippines. Well just me having a wishful thinking.

By the way, Here are the stories of Millionaire dogs that you will be surprised they had a million which they can’t spend.

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