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Howto Reset Honda Jazz CVT after Battery replacement.

When an officemate of mine replace her battery which is due for replacement. We haven’t reset the CVT. Now I was lurking over and found this great article on how you can reset your CVT. Why you need to reset the CVT? Changing Battery flushes the memories on the CMOS of your CVT. In order to put back the proper configuration of your CVT you have to do this procedure. Why again? Resetting your CVT will optimized Fuel Consumptions of your Car.

Here is what to do after battery change on Honda Jazz.

1. Start the car and run it to operating temp (no other electricals must be used like aircon, radio, power windows, mirrors, lights). Keep the doors closed so that the dome light is not on.
2. Shut down the engine
3. Start engine again and turn on headlights, without operating any other electrical load (other than headlights).
4. From P(ark), shift to N, D, S, L, S, D, N while waiting at least 2 seconds before shifting to the next position
5. Repeat the N, D, S, L, S, D, N sequence for 3 times
6. Turn-off headlights
7. Shutdown engine
8. Drive and investigate if the fuel consumption decreases.

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