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17 Useful Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you remember Control + C and Control + V? Keyboard shortcuts are the best way to make your daily task easier and faster. I just worried if this shortcuts wasn’t been included on the first release of windows. Might be life with windows is not complete. If you are looking for the shortcuts embedded on the windows 7 here are the 17 useful windows 7 shortcut I have gathered through readings from Techrepublic and Global Knowledge.

Some of them are OLD shortcuts but I believe that they are still necessary for an IT wannabee.

Win+h – Move current window to full screen
Win+i – Restore current full-screen window to normal
size or minimize current window, if not full-screen
Win+Shift+arrow – Move current window to alternate
Win+D – Minimize all windows and show the desktop
Win+E – Launch Explorer with Computer as the focus
Win+F – Launch a search window
Win+G – Cycle through gadgets
Win+L – Lock the desktop
Win+M – Minimize the current window
Win+R – Open the Run window
Win+T – Cycle through task bar opening Aero Peek for
each running item
Win+U – Open the Ease of Use center
Win+Space – Aero Peek the desktop
Win+Tab – Flip 3D
Win+Pause – Launch System applet
Alt+F4 – with windows closed launches the ShutDown Windows dialog box.
Alt+Tab – Film Strip

Here are also the 77 features you don’t want to miss out and you should know about windows 7.

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Windows 7 features

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