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Ubuntu Advantage


1. Updates software package full-blown In the world where almost breaks of security system are to come of 3rd applications, Windows and Mac are machines at significant risks, because they work several these applications and these applications isn't all of the time updated automatically, what leads the machine spread out to attacks.

2. Once more, to be brighten(light), Microsoft and Apple accept complete systems of update of the software package - simultaneously the OS likewise as applications programme* firm which work preceding the BONE. Trouble are with software package (programmes, extensions and plug-ins) coming from other suppliers and the antagonistic (incompatible) ways that they apply(utilise) to update their code of protection against recognized flaws. With Ubuntu, him (it) ya a software update affixes the system. These are conceivable since Ubuntu accepts a storage centralised by applications and applications that thirds that to make the main agent those are who were tested by Canonical (the society which produces Ubuntu) and are experienced (tested) to act upon with the OS. It means that main store Ubuntu always accepts no very last version of Firefox, for example, merely you can be certain that the one that he(it's is generally easy to instal, works without tear, and to stay up to date automatically. He(It) ya also other stores of requests than you are able to constitute attached in Ubuntu, but these are supported by the community Ubuntu or by business firms. However, if you trust in them and link you to them, then their updates also are to carry out automatically by means of Ubuntu Update Manager (below). Accordingly, Ubuntu declares oneself a way much more centralized and effective to support(maintain) computers up to date - especially if you are mainly held the logic.

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