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Disaster Preparedness Is Vital On Every Level, from PNP to Your Back Yard

Guest Post: Mean Kistadio

Jesus Verzosa, the Chief Director of the Philippine National Police (PNP), activated the
PNP's disaster response plan in order to keep the police prepared for typhoon season and
it's resulting calamities.

“The lessons learned from our experience in the series of weather disturbances in 2009,
particularly during the onslaught of Storm Ondoy and Typhoon Pepeng, should prompt
us to find more better ways of ensuring readiness to effectively address similar situations
in the future,” Verzosa said.

Following a fire that scorched more than 300 residential buildings in Malabon, police are
encouraging everyone to engage in basic fire safety activities.

1) Make a Plan. Know all of the exits at home and at work, and be prepared to use the
nearest in the event of a fire.

2) Have a First Aid and some emergency food and water handy in your car. By keeping these things
in your vehicle, you ensure you will always have access even if you can't get into your

3) Put your valuable documents and other important items in a fireproof safe. You can replace most
things, but items like official identification papers and important family heirlooms should
be in a place that will survive a fire.

The more you think ahead and practice emergency preparedness drills, the better off you
will be, whether the threat is typhoon season or a house fire. Start now, and be ready
when the worst hits.

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