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Facebook Game: Car Town by Cie Games

I’ve started to play Car Town. It’s somewhat the same with Zynga’s Cafe world which you need to a work bay to earn Coins and also XP’s. Basically the game is a time consuming game but the nicest thing I want about this game is that even though you haven’t upgrade your car to it’s high performance you can race it and brag with your Facebook friends. I suggest you read on this post first before racing and make your decision before you race.

So how do you start? First, Allow the application to access your Facebook account. There will be a prompt dialog box saying. Do you want to allow this application. Click yes and your fine.

Now, you will begin by owning 1 Car on your garage. You can hire 1 worker at the moment and you can hire another as you level up. Why you need a worker? Each work bay require one worker. At the start you can have 1 or 2 workbay. From this workbay, you can select what services you want to offer your clients ( this are your friends) .  For starters, you can start with Car wash and Fuzzy dice. It will earn you coins but it requires alot of attention since the services you offer consumes time from 2 mins and 5 minutes respectively.

Along the way, You will be given a change to test drive a car before buying the car. In my case, I bought a Honda Accord. It takes 25 race to win in order for you to own the car.

Another way of earning coins and XP’s are by racing with your friends. Click on your car and select Race on the dialog box that will pop up. Also you can select Road Trip , Car show and Pizza Delivery. Each has corresponding time and coins to earn.

Also, You can expand your shop, but it requires you to Level up toFifth level before you bought a 15 X 15 lot. You can also visit a friends shop to earn coins.

Here’s a screenshot of my Shop. I have to upgrade my pre-owned car since my friends are so crazy beating me up on the Drag strip. Now I have 1102RPM before it red lights.


Happy Modding and Let’s race.



If you have questions, Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

Car town FAQ’s

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