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How to HACK the annoying CPA lead ads

Do you have sites that uses CPA leads? That you have to complete a survey in order to view what’s inside the Website. Sometimes even Plants and zombies games are being used by this webmaster in order to gain earnings from CPA leads.

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can download a particular site with a CPA lead on top of the Download Page.

Take a closer look at this screenshot below.

Notice that a silhouette of the page can be seen. Now I want you to Use Google Chrome to accomplish this successfully.



Now, Right click and Select Inspect Element.



A developer tool will pop-out. On the Upper-right corner search for the keyword  “Download”. In ths websit it’s about 30 matches. When you have search for the term with the Hyperlink code such as <a Href” website url> Download Here</a>.  Copy the URL or simply click on the URL link. It will then open a new tab or a new browser for your download page.


This is applicable on websites that uses CPA Leads that hides the download links.

I’ll try other website’s with videos that they used CPA leads.

by the way here is the Plants and Zombies game link where you can download the file once you are done with the survey. hhahahhahahaha

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