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I now added again Nuffnang Ads

I read a post that he just cash out the 3rd time with Nuffnang. Wheew.. I wasn’t using that ads campaign. Why oh Why! is a local ads placement for bloggers. Now For the melardenio dot com second year on the web. I add the code again today to server more Ads to my readers. It’s just a way of diversifying things.


It took me 1 year to believe that this Blog is earning. Now It took me again 1 year to read about nuffnang. Now, I have read that in order for the ads to be seen it took 20 days from the first code installation.

That maybe was my problem last time I sign up. And that I only see nuffnang philippines and got dissappointed easily without even trying to read and asked.

If you are like me who wishes that nuffnang is simple as fast a Google adsense, then you are wrong Bro. You have to wait for 20 days to have your ads be seen over your blogs.

This adpost is now my entry to monitor from this day that I server nuffnang ads for my blogs.

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