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Tokay Gecko For sale

This is the episode today on Jessica Soho. A segment for TOKAY Gecko also known as TUKO being sold in the Philippines. It cost aroung Php 650-5,000 each Gecko. Its demand increase because of the belief that Gecko’s can be used as alternative medicines for coughs and other uncured sickness.
There had been smuggling incident in the island of CEBU and Zamboanga. This people are smuggling Tokay Gecko to sell them on foreigners and online entrepreneurs. According to the show 12 species out of 2000 all over the world are in the Philippines.
If the Philippine government won’t be able to take action over this BUY and Sell operations of Tokay Gecko then maybe a decade will we not see anymore this TOKAY GECKO.
If you  want to BUY this endangered species please think again for your child and other generations to come.

UPDATE: Here'a a new port from Yahoo News about Tokay Geckos.

Here is the Episode of Jessica Soho..

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