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melardenio goes Italy


This is a series of blog from day 1 to day 10. An experience trip to italy with Abs-cbn TOC maintenance. After we took off from Manila yesterday at 2:30PM with Thai Airways Flight TG621. 3hrs of Air time full of kwentuhan with this two guys April Tenorio and Jayson Adriano.

It was not my first time to be on a Boeing 747. Last 2007, when the company send me to Singapore for a Seachange Technical Training as far as I remember it was a Boeing 747(PAL). The flight attendants on the Airplane where age ranges from 25-35. They where accommodating and give assistance to the passengers. The Thai Airways served Filipino Food. I was amazed they served thhis Dish.

Flight Attendant: “What do you want, Sir? Beef or Pok Adobo?

Melardenio:Come Again,Ma’am?

Flight Attendant: Beef or Pork Adobo?

Melardenio: “ooww..,Pork Adobo ,Pelase”

Here’s a Picture of the Pork Adobo. Very Filipino but with a twist of Pechay Tagalog.


The Boeing 747 has LCD screens. If you want to watch the movie, Plugged in the earphone for the AUDIO and there you go. And whats nice, you can take the Earphone home.

Lavatories. They smells airplane lavatories. I don;t know if its a perfume or odorminimizers. I think I pee a couple of times but didn’t do what Jayson does. ewwwwwwwwwwww Grosse!

After 3.5 hours up in the air. We landed at Bangkok,Thailand, This is our stop-over for the connecting flight to Rome,Italy. Thailand is 1 hr delayed. If we landed 5:30PM then its 4:30PM only on the Local Destination.

Our next Flight is 22:30. In my Philippine Time its 11:30PM we have to wait and roam around the airport for about 6hrs or more.

It’s time for CHOWtime.This is Jayson’s favorite fast time. Undecided the three of us where to go. I spotted Burger King.Both sides agree, Burger!! burger!!! burger!!!

I ordered for my self a Whooper. Burgers in thailand are more bigger that in Manila. A whooper cost 255Thai Baht. Converting it to peso is Php400. Owww the two guys murmur. Seems they don’t like it anymore. I insisted, its better to eat rather than die hungry, They laughed. So then we stayed in burger king for about 3 hours. 1hour for the food and 2 hours for the Battery Draining Need for speed: most wanted.oww before I forgot there is a free wifi in the airport. You just have to asked on the Information center for the stub. Before they give you the stub for the Wi-fi’s username and password,you need to fill up a form with your name and passport Number.

We took a stroll of their very nice airport. Clean facility and well structured architecture. It looks like well-planned structured for the thailanders. I notice that the Beams and foundations are all bare. They don’t put paints but they smoothen them. They pipelines are well mounted up on the ceiling. Although very large airport facility, they have lots of signs and information booth for foreigners like us who are LOST. We are lost again. Why? Please continue reading.

Now we are ready for Rome, checking on my cellphone’s battery. It’s almost going to drain. I need to charge everything even my Camera’s Battery. Good to  know, when we asked again on the Information booth, She instructed us that on the second floor there is a charging station. for LG cellphones and 4 outlet docks for laptops and other gadgets. WHeeeh save by God again. I will be needing my Cellphone when we arrive in Tolentino for help going to the Hotel 77 where we are booked.

After a tremedous 3 hours of charging.

To be continued..

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