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Are you An ASk-aholic


Have you been an Ask-aholic?

What is an Ask-aholic anyway? This are persons who asks questions without first asking their self. This people came to ask and ask more questions when you entertain them on one of their question.

A little details of what to eat or what to do, they do sometimes tried to asked. I find it embarrassing answering those questions. I find it hard to comprehend what this people are up to. They do asked to much questions but not once but twice or thrice in one day. I dunno if its a hobby or just plain ignorance.

I’ve been with an Ask-aholic and I would rather stay home rather that with them.

Ask yourself. Do others looks like you asked too much? Don’t be an ask-aholic it would ruin your friendship. Read and Contribute some knowledge for you friends. In this way, there is a mutual relationship.

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