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Nestle Yogurt + Jelly

I'm a fan of the Yogurt(s). Even though it taste sour, I still love it. Maybe for a reason of health. There are so many benefits one can get from eating yogurt.

This yogurt pic is taken after I ate it. Unfortunately there is a problem with my Digicam's SD card. It can't be detected so I have to use matsushita's SD card formatter.

So much for that. We move on. So the Nestle Fruit Selection yogurt + Jelly is a Yogurt inside with A jelly. It comes with flavor. For now I only tried the Buko Pandan. The taste is good. You can distinguish the Buko from the Pandan and at the buttom is the Yogurt part. I dunno maybe the Yogurt is a little heavier that the jelly that is why the yogurt is at the bottom.

If you are looking for another flavors of Yogurt and another way to enjoy it. Try the Yogurt + Jelly.
Onyl from Nestle.

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