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Don’t make your Life complicated

--Ignore the grammar please.

There once was a landlord who owns a hundred hectare of land somewhere in Jala,Jala ,Rizal. The Landlord looks like his in a mid-60s. It was his plan to retire at a very young age and enjoy the rest of his life on this part of Rizal.

One day, He needed to ask for help on his field. The 100 hectare land needs to be watered. The only thing he can asked for help is his neighbor but for such no reason he wasn’t available. The old man asked for help from his eldest son. What the eldest son do was to hire a Farmer to take care of the plants.

On the first day, the farmer watered 50% of the 100 Hectare land. The Landlord was amazed. The work he estimated to last for 4 days would only took 2 days if the farmer will continue doing what is best. On the next morning the farmer started at the same time. When the day is done, he only managed to water 20% of the land. The Landlord is mixed up. It couldn’t believe on what happened. Nothing to do and he decide for the farmer to continue the work tomorrow. Unfortunately, when the landlord asked what happened, the farmer only smile.

The next morning the Landlord and the farmer went on the hundred hectare plantation. The landlord observes how the farmer is watering the plants. He notice that the farmer didn’t bring along his pale of water with him when he is sprinkling the plants. What he does was to pour the water on his “tabo” then walk on the plants to be watered.

So then the landlord directed him to stop and suggest what should be the best for a better production output.

---We sometimes put things complicated. We think too much that everything should be hard or expensive just to make it good.

Remember, Life is simple. Don’t make it complicated.

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