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In review: Dell Vostro 3300


Let’s take a look at my Dell Vostro 3300. It’s a mean laptop, with Core i5 CPU and 4 GB of Memory. Not to mention the Cutting edge Info storage protection for the data Drive when you accidentally drop the whole Box.

There are a lot of specs and reviews of this laptop but I notice there where missing that haven’t been mentions yet.

1. It has a Keyboard with Backlights. Good for me when everything is dark and my Wife and kids are sleeping I can still do my blog. Unlike the old DEL Latitude 1420 which I have to tilt the LCD monitor just to see the keyboard and am be able to type. Eventhough I can type fast and memorized each letter position it is so cool to have a backlighted keyboard.


2.It has a capability to Stop the chargin process using the keyboard strokes. Press FN + F2 and the charging of the battery will stop.\

3.Touchscreen Volume control and Play ,forward, stop buttons.

4. Light weight. This laptop weighs only 1.5 kgs.

Questions? Post it below. I will try to answer with my honest opinion.

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