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Kawasaki Fury vs. Suzuki Hayate

Yesterday, I got a taste of street race with Kawasaki Fury. From Xavierville upto SM Taytay.

Here’s the picture of both 125cc bikes.

2423178634_e0686cbd17 hayate

I was just cruising for like 60Km/h in Xavierville and this Kawasaki Fury overtook me. I follow him because I notice it would be better to have him as my spearhead.

I notice that he had inches of space clearance on cars and tricycle which I mind and stop following him. On the PSBA Uturn Slot, I again have the chance to be behind him. After a quick U turn. I then Overtook him but then the Kawasaki Fury Rider notice me which I don’t want him to know. What I did was to go to the Far right where Jeepneys are Unloading below the Katipunan Bridge. So I stopped, Down below the Barangka Bridge, I manage to tailgate him again and finally move away from him. Nearing Major Dizon Intersections were also the Marikina Bridge is fast approaching I applied my brake and he then Overtook me.

He zigzags and overtook with out precautions that it seems that he has won a MotoGP. So then I started my cruise in a Jampack Marcos Hiway Traffic. After the Santolan LRT2 station, I notice he was stuck in the traffic. So then I got the chance again to overtake him from a far away part of the road. From Sta. Lucia unto Gate 5 there is no shadow of him. On the part of Caltex again I saw him. He wanted to take my lane but I insisted NO, What the Punk Rock Fury rider does was to use the Shortcut roads. ( This is the road when you are coming from Imelda Ave. Gate 5). Poor me, I was left again. The next Stop light we bought saw each other was the JUNCTION intersection in Cainta.

I settle the inner Left most part of the road where he was also waiting in vain for the Green Light to light. Unfortunately, When it turns green I managed again to take the lead but there were Pedestrians crossing which they shouldn’t supposed to be there.(Mga hinayupak na tawid ng tawid sa  di naman tawiran). I stop!!! Stop!!! and pave the way for them. I then cruise my scooter up to Parkplace where this Fury rider again is insisting to overtake a Bus at the Right side part where drivers are blind. I think twice and I decide to take the Left part which are safer and more visible.

From Brookside to Volleygolf I was cruisin , the Rider of the Fury bike is still nowhere to find. Until he overtook me with our prejudice. He sway and he banks with other bikers with no signal nor cautions. It was tremendous driving of an irresponsible biker.

From Tropical Singer intersection He was leading the trail. I was behind for almost 3 length of underbone. I notice my rpm are still going up and with the help of aerodynamics I hid my self and started to crawl and crawl. There where no Cars or commuter that time. So it is safe to say from that part of Ortigas extension it is ok to overtook with caution.

When my scooter was almost in half of his Underbone he sways. I dunno why, so then what I did was to Honk my Horrible Horn. Then so he notice me. The suzuki hayate was running 90kph only since its an uphill road.

Approaching Tikling I decelerate. I know traffic is fast approaching. But again this horrible Fury Monster Rider don’t learned from his lesson. He banks left and right zigzag and almost hit a pedestrian. Wheew… really is a death defying stunts he is.

From Manila East Medical Center, I was on his back. I was like tailgating him with cautions from every turn he was doing. When I saw that the SM CITY Taytay area was clean I overtook him. The poor old Man couldn’t believe that his Kawasaki Fury can’t beat the scooter. I just notice that the Fury has fast acceleration but the Top speed low. Or might be a problem with the rider since the Plate number is FOR registration. I never notice him when I pass SM City. I don’t mind. I just say the Stock Suzuki Hayate 125 Beats the Kawasaki Fury on A friendly gauge.

(Paunawa: Ang kwentong ito ay gawa-gawa lamang.)

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