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My Marriage--- maintenance on going

by: Len Ardenio

October 27, 2002  The day I said " I do" . we've been together for  8 years as husband and wife and  I still remember how it started. We've been talking over the phone for quite sometime and on March 24, 2000 the relationship begun..and  anyone would be startled  in this revelation.....I 've never seen him not until we decided to meet. April 2 of 2000. I did'nt know what got into me that I agree with the relationship( to be committed with a man i have'nt seen) but all i know that everytime I spoke to Him there is a sincere person on the other line and He is a christian as well. all is history but always an once-a upon-a-time story to go back into.

We're all familiar with lines such as "marriage is not a fairytale, a they-live-happily-ever-after experience"  but it's not all about every situation that you've gone through, hardships and arguments, but every feeling of the moment spent with each other, isn't it  wonderful when you  get back to that old feeling and fall in love again with the same man come on make life simple love love love.... we dont need intelligence or some sort of genius,,,God  had proven us how He love us and I believe didn't think about it twice or thrice. If you ask me how my marriage works? it's because I'm not working on it but God is. being a wife and commanded to submit to my husband doesnt degrade or made me less of a person but rather have a man who's character had grown in God and made you, unknowingly a better person, a mother and a wife...there is no perfect marriage, even mine is not but we have love that keep us and my family whole and by God's on going maintenance of blessing , of love, strength,and guidance we still hold on to each other.

Happy Anniversary to my husband Mel Ardenio

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