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A 3-foot tree


Bought for like 3 years ago. This 3 foot tree didn’t grew up. It’s almost 3 years ago since we have it in our house but its green leaves didn’t wither. It didn’t require to be on a soil neither be watered everyday. Our 3 foot tree can only be soon on the month of December.  What is unique about such tree is that it requires bells, balls, angels, ribbons,lights and the most important thing is the Star.

During the first year of our marriage my wife and I are the one who arrange our 3 foot tree. Together we wrap gifts and put it below the 3 foot tree. Imagine how a big gifts with small 3 foot tree. Awkward and not pleasant to see. I dream to have a big tree inside the house. A tree like a 10 foot high. It will be standing inside our sala with big gifts that will not make it awkward to see.

As for the moment, Our 3 foot christmas tree will still be our tree for this christmas season. I’m believing that God will soon send me a Big Christmas tree. Nothing is Impossible with God. I want to see that Shining star on the top of our 3 foot  christmas tree be lifter up to 10 foot.

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