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After Italy,Melardenio goes to……

Today marks a tremendous change in my life not only my life but together with my Wife and daughter. I receive a call from Qatar confirming that I had been qualified to work for them for such a Huge sum of Money. What I mean huge is Very huge.

I know how my phone rang. It was not the usual rang. My heart beans like a Bass low Drum beating on by a lollipop stick. Bum bam bum bam.. I  said Hello on the other line. He then reply, This is a call from *%&#&, May I speak with Rommell Ardenio, then so I replied, Hi this is Rommell and How are you. It’s like I’m talking over a two way radio with lots of noice on the Channel. GRrrrrrrrrrrrr I really hate how the Samsung Champ receive a call. But still then the next question I was waiting was a technical one, to my surprise the Other end just says, Ok then you’re offer is this and if you are confirming you are joining our company where going to send you the contract.When I heard that confirmation, I leap for joy and what I remember is I’m compunverting my monthly salary into pesos. Six digits, not bad at all.

So without any other resistance I simple say,'YES, and Please send the Contract to me so I can review the details and have all the requirements needed’.I then emailed a colleague of mine who work there to let him know that I receive a call.

Thanks Ace for the help on this one. Really Appreciate bro! keep it up and may God bless you.


For my wife, who is now crying and thinking twice. We can do it and now our dreams will come true and will not stay as wet dreams.

To My Lord JesusChrist who never fails. To you all Glory and Honor Lord. Another opportunity comes my way and I’m giving back all the Glory to you. May you bless me and fulfill your purpose through me.

God Bless everyone.

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