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All Saint’s day

Today we commemorate our long lost love ones. It was our 4th year doing this yearly task. Every November 1, we prepare foods for our visitors who will pay a visit on my father’s grave. It was different with what I know traditionally. We usually spent it in the province and pay visit with my dead lolo and lola. During the old gone days, we go to the panchong in the morning. I remember I collect tears of candles and make it as big as a Basketball. I also notice that it always rain. So when you went to the cemetery, be ready with your shoes and they will all collect the muds.

Today, It was different. The cemetery where my father lies is full of bermuda. It was not as muddy as the old one I used to be. You can build your tent which you can buy to the mall for only Php 2,000.

What is also different is that I killed a cat with my car. Poor me.!

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