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Charade Steering Assembly Parts

My Charade’s Steering assembly is due for replacement. When I make a U turn going to the left there is a sound that is not pleasant to hear. I tried to have this fix at suspension man shop on nearby although the result on the first two weeks are pretty much ok it still manifested. I tried to ask the shop but they say it is because its newly refilled. huh?

In my case where I don’t want to argue. I decided to change everything since it’s almost 6 months that we have that annoying sound.

Here are the parts that I have bought at a Auto Supply shop. From Left to right.

555 Tie Rod, CBS Rack-End and 5’826 Toki Auto parts shock mounting. I remember I’ve change the front shock mounting a year ago but it seems the rubber is very soft and it got a clearance of 1 inch. I’m still looking for the Ball Joint maybe tomorrow. I ask the shop a while ago and it cost 1,500 each for the ball joint. I check on DCP and somebody posted that it should be 750 /set but I think its JAC brand.   


Here is the Tie Rod Ends with the 555 mark embossed on it. I wonder if the Tie rod sold at banawe are the same since there are like fake replacement such as this. By the way this one cost a lot for me. You can check the receipt below.


For the rack-end, the brand is CBS. I try to move but its very hard. I dunno how many months will this last. I just hope it would be like a year.


Here are pictures of the controversial Front Shock Mounting. I wish to have my front suspension changed with a bearing type but I still need to change the Shock. I choose not to change for now since the shocks I have installed is a year when I replace it.

    100_6999 100_7000 100_7001 100_7002

The Price of Tie Rod end, Rack-end, Front Shock Mounting.


Thanks for dropping. This will served as a log for my charade that on this day I have change my charade’s steering assembly. (Nov. 16,2010)

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