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Flat Tire Solutions


I usually suggest this solutions rather than the Take if off the rim and patch the hole solution. Why?

You don’t peel of your magwheel’s paint. Second, the aluminum metal will not be damaged. There are lots of vulcanizers who doesn’t care if they scratch your paint nor damage your mag wheels unless you say to them earlier. For the best and quick solution here it is a Stanley Tubeless tire repair kit. I bought it at wilcon depot at their automotive section for about Php 449.75. Intructions on how to do it yourself are indicated in the packaging. I tried to half the Insert rubbers but when I punch it inside the tube its somewhat short and when I pull it all the inserts are inside. I suggest you use the whole insert rubbers rather than make tipid of the rubber. If in case you need insert plugs you can still buy from your favorite vulcanizing shops. I will post it here when I got a chance to but a set of the inserts.

Compared it to the labor of the vulcanizing shop which is Php 50 per hole I think this is more cheaper and more economical. Just bring also your pump and your ready to go.

flat tire set  


Here’s a picture of my Tire repai kit set. Buffalo Pump. I wonder nowadays they come in plastics. I tried it and its more easier to pump compared to the old Red Pump I grew with.


Flat tire set

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