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Hirap mag-commute

Naranasan ko na naman maging commuter. May iniuwi kasi akong scooter ng ka officemate ko para ipabenta. Yung Yamaha mio soul nya. No choice kailangan ko iwan ang aking Hayate sa office. At dahil ganun na nga ang nangyari eh kailangan ko mag commute.

Umalis ako ng bahay ng 10 ng umaga. at nakarating ako ng 12 ng tanghali. I won’t describe how my journey was but I feel its worthy to post about how we Filipino are hardworking and Matiisin.

I waited for 30 minutes for an FX cab but still no luck so I decided to took a ride at Tikling. From Tikling I mixed in and fitted myself at the center row of an Isuzu Hilander. My butt is 1/4 seated and the other parts are air hanging. Good to know after Ever Gotesco somebody at the back unload. I hurried and change my place. Voila at aroung 11:30 I’m in MRT after 30 minutes I’m at the office. I actually spend 45minutes travel using my Scooer. Although, its more dangerous I still choose to ride my scooter rather than spending 2 hours.

I was thinking I was blessed such privilege to ride a scooter. Looking into other employees that are waiting in line for 2 hours and then another 2 hours spent for their travel. Now I just imagine why there are lot commuters turn riders because of the very cheap installment plan and the easy access on scooters.

If I still given a chance. I will still be a scooter rider but I salute those employees that dedicated and working hard for their family eventhough travelling to work added to their stress.

--Happy scooter riding

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