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I save a lot this christmas

WIth everything flying on my mind this yuletide season on what to buy and what to give I finally save a lot for my family. Last 4 christmas that pass, I have spent almost all my Performance bonus, 13th month pay and commission giving and sharing with my relatives. Now together with my wife we started to save and spend not everything but only a part of all the money I have received.

Saving money is saving for the future. Now I hit my goal for the year. We have manage not to but things just because we WANT but because we need. We have learned the lesson from the past although it was a striving 4 years before we have it recognized. Its better late than sorry. This year was a bountiful Blogging experience to me where I hit my adsense profit more than I expected. I only told my officemate about the $100 earnings but its just the icing of the cake. It much better if I stay silent have it written over here to inspire bloggers like you who wants to earn online and read success story.

I also managed to lower all my cost for this year. I managed to have my Little amiel have her Medical Insurance. My goal for next year is to have my wife and my eldest daughter have a secured health card. We have managed to pay all our credit card bills and also paid the tuition fee of the two kids.

It was a tremendous, heart twirling experience of storming Blessings for Ardenio Family. With all the trust and love of God we have move to a new Church, The Greenhills Christian Fellowship East (GCF) together with my family we have been more closed to God. No matter how I strived still God move in and made me closer to Him. Today aside from being SAVED through Jesus, We also have saved for the coming raining season. I pray that God will continue to bring forth blessings to those who trust and love him.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Don’t let this Merry Season give you a mountain of Debt but a Deep Sea of God’s Blessing for you and your Family.



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