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My Iphone Pics with Jelly Lens

I was in solar today when Emerson grab my Iphone and Put a sticky lens on my Iphone 2G. I was amazed there was something you can do with a Phone cam with its usual effects. He told me that its available in CDRking which cost you Php 80.00 for each lens. By the way, Its called “Jelly Lens” maybe because the lens are paste on your phone camera using a Jelly. The sticky part of the lens feels likes a jelly and the chemical that is with it is recyclable.  You have to wash it on running water to have the sticky part be able to stick again on your camera.

Here are some of its nice features:

- Tiny removable stick-on lens for mobile phones and digital cameras
- Works well on lenses, no larger than 10mm in diameter
- Wash the sticky area with a mild soap once it is dirty, and it's just good to use again
- Equipped with a comfortable strap for leave it on your cell phone or a digital camera for quick access



Here’s a Fisheye effect on my Iphone Cam

Jelly Lens Fish Eye

From another again above….

Fish eye jelly lens


Can you Iphone Shoot something like this? Another jelly lens called Macro lens. Thanks to the Colored Orange Jelly Lens that show us how this fisheye lens is.

MACRO shot using IPhone 2G.

 jelly lens macro

Vignette effect. (see picture below). This is again shoot with an Iphone with a Jelly lens.

Shot by a jelly lens iphone2G

This is my Iphone’s Default shot and this are the 3 lens that we used from the above pictures.

THe orange is the one I used for the Macro shot

THe Yellow green is the Fish eye effect.

Then Darkblue is the lens I used with a vignette effect.

Jelly Lens


I’ll try to check tomorrow on CDRking SM taytay branch if this are still available. I hope there is also a jelly lens for the Point and shoot jelly lens.I will be happy really to review and try it with my Kodak P and S.

Here’s a video review regarding this Jelly Lens.

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