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Post-Processing using Photomatix


I just observed a lot of my friends are using dSLr on capturing their sweet moments. With this kind of bows that are cheaper and cheaper every year. I won’t be surprised that point and shoot will become obselete. That was just me and that was my dork opinion, besides this is my blog.

So after all the dSLr wars, there is also another war going on from the other side. It’s the war of the Photo Software processing. How many of you knows Adobe Photoshop? I think I heard this software 10 years  ago together with the Corel Draw. Now Photoshop had become versatile and compact in a way it delivers what the user wants. Photoshop is now on its CS5 version and a lot of features had been added for the End user. I have also tried when I was on my college days the Corel Draw. Although its not more on Photo editing but still it manage to tweak and do a lot of processing. I was amazed when I heard from the Photography  Forums regarding the Corel’s version of Photoshop. Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3 is the version for Photo Editing. I won’t discuss it much here but I like you to try the trial version and take a grasp of this wonderful Software from Corel.

Another Photo processing software that I use is the PhotoMatix v. 4.0 its more on toning the photo giving you a HDR effect on every photo’s you are processing. I think it added like more F-stops which makes you Photo High Dynamic Range Photos. So let’s discuss HDR, Why you need to edit your photos for HDR. What it does to your photos in the first place.

That would be my next post so keep it right there.

By the way for the teaser I like to share my pics here

I use here Photomatix 4.0, with the painterly compression.

HDRi Photo Processing

This one I edit also with Photomatix but with a vivid mode on the Tonemapping and some adjustments on the Whitelight. HDRi Photo Processing

This photo below is Edited using Photoshop CS5 with the touch of Dave hill effects. I search for the tutorial on how to have such effects. Here is the link if you want to try. Click  Dave hill Tutorial


HDRi Photo Processing

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