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Sinigang na baboy: A preparation

No, this is not a tutorial on how to cook sinigang na baboy or any Filipino dish. I actually been aske dby a former colleague if I can cook. I told him that I only knows how to fry. Eggs, Hotdogs, Tocino and other delicacies that concerns frying.

Eventually, I think that I need to move on and made a final decision. I told myself,” I need to learn How to Cook”. So for the first Filipino Dish. Its sinigang na baboy. I won’t post a pictures here since its a test drive on how to cook but rather would just want to share the joy I have accomplished for this day. “How to cook Sinigang na Baboy”.

So why should I need to learn to cook? Because Ace don’t know how. Next time I will try to cook Nilagang Baboy and then Afritada and caldereta.


Here’s a pic from


How about you? What have you learned today?

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