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Eveready Battery, Everlasting Years

I haven’t got a chance to check on the Nuffnang’s website. I didn’t able to make a post about  eveready battery. I also became a fan of Eveready battery on my childhood years. For the meantime, let me share my story about Eveready.

During my childhood years, not long ago, maybe 20 years ago. My father gave me a remote control. Its a remote control with wire. Infra red nor RF are a fad during that time but it will cost my father alot. When he came from Saudi Arabia. This long Truck was his present for me. Its a 10 wheeler truck like Optimus Prime. It has a haul on its back. When I open the toy and pop it out of the box and getting ready to play. It doesn’t work. I was pulling the remote control with the wires on it.

Poor Melardenio doesn’t know how it works. Eventually my father saw me and told me that it needs a power. A power from a small battery. He told me that I need an eveready battery. I bought six pieces battery on the store. 2 for the remote control and 4 on the truck. I enjoy the truck. Its my first time I got a toy with a remote. I remember I play all night with that truck. Although the battery didn’t make it through the night. It still opens my mind that Eveready battery is the one to make everything works.

This year Eveready battery celebrates 110th anniversary. 110 years of serving the nation of its readiness and alertness.

Sa Eveready laging HANDA! Pero ngayon Eneloop na kasi mahal na din ang indi rechargeable.

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