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How to Disable Facebook Photo Theatre View QUICKLY


Last 2 weeks ago, Facebook roller up again a fantastic upgrade on their platform. This time the upgrade, i mead degrade is on Facebook Photos. Everyone shares photo so if you are an avid user of facebook, I know that you know what I’m talking to. The Facebook Photo Theatre View isn’t it cool? If this wasn’t cool enough for you so then I will show you how to disable the Photo Theatre View quickly using Google Chrome.


Just as this similar view appear on your screen. Push on CTRL + R and your browser will get back to the OLD facebook Photo Viewing. This is the quickest I can help you to disable Facebook Theatre Photo View. The cons on using this shortcut key is that you need to send CTRL + R everytime you view photo.

On the other hand, there is a long-term solution like installing greasemonkey on your google chrome or firefox and running a script so you won’t have to send this CTRL+R command everytime you view photo.

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