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How to cook hard-boiled eggs for Easter Egg



Most would say it is easy to boil an egg, but wait, it may sound easy but like any other there a best way to make it and prevent it from breaking, as we all know it’s fragile.

Things Needed:




Follow this easy steps:

1. In a saucepan put an appropriate number of eggs make sure that the eggs has room for each so they won’t bump into each other as the water boils.

2. Add water and fill it at least an inch higher from the eggs.

3. Cover and bring it to boil in medium heat.

4. Once the boiling come to it’s fullest for about a couple of minutes turn of the heat and let the eggs remain in the pan.

5. Remove the eggs depending how you prefer it.

6. For soft-boiled eggs 4 to 7 minutes

    For hard-boiled eggs 10 to 15 minutes

7. Drain the water with care and fill it with cold water, add ice cube, this will do better.


Add’l TIPS

1. Don’t over boil the eggs it will give you a rubbery texture.

2. Fresh eggs is harder to peel it’s good to use older one’s

3. To prevent cracking you may also pinch a hole at the tip of the egg before placing in water this may also help you peel it easier. 

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