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Chrome upgrade removes Adsense unit

I was staring at my website yesterday in the office. There is something missing I said. I look at it for a couple of minutes and then I realized. The ads are missing. Wheeew. Do I got banned from the Campaign? or its just my IP address that let make it not to show the ads. I check my account and still there are searches and page impressions. So I guess I’m still in for the campaign.

So I just let it  go. Like the Irisdescent of Linkin Park for the movie Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. What have I done that make it dissappear. So upon arriving home I didn’t check it, as far as everyone is concern I don’t really blog at all. When I’m home I leave everything at the office. At around 4:00 am, I stood up on the bed and carry my laptop and I then checked my website. I got scared when I thought it was the Ip address of the office that makes my website ads dissappear. I check other colleagues and bloggers website but their ads are also not there. So it was a sign of relief for me. To make this story short. I check on my Firefox and the ads are there. Chrome blocked my adsense and everyone else’s ads. Now, this is not good. If 70% of web users are using Chrome the definitely I will loose my CTR and would eventually lose my earnings.

Still looking for possible solutions , it seems this option came from the Chrome update last month. So why bother?

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