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G+: What’s new and whats not?

I think the next move for the big G is the Plus. If facebook has on their site as a masked forwaring url, What do you think about Google’s newest Social Media platform? Will they spend a Million for acquiring a Domain from a current user? or should they stay As you can see the URL are too long to managed. Although, smart browsers are also capable to store such long URL and by just typing out the first two letter of the url. It auto-suggest what has been on your browser’s cache.

So what’s new with G+? Aside from the circles that they boast upon and the Hangout where you can video chat with a group of friends. I think they have to add pages for business and most specifically Games that makes everybody busy and makes users slaves for going back to the site to check his farm or his Town. Isn’t it nice to have you as a Facebook user go back just to check your energy increase? But all the while its just you wasting time on all those games where it’s only reason for you to play is to came back and add to the sites revenue and impression.

As a 1st generation Google Plus user’s I ‘m still thinking of other ways Google can overtake Facebook on the race against Social Media competition. As you can see now, the race is up and its still improving everyday. Well for us users, it’s a good way of having this healthy competition. After all, we are the one who decide which are better for us.

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