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Google Plus Games

Let’s roll out. This might be the skit that Google game developers had finally says to themselves. After the Experimental hit of GOOGLE plus that gains too much popularity and FB users jump ship of about 10Million users for two weeks. Then again, the Search giant had finally came into what Facebook used to defeat Friendster a decade ago.



So basically you got this icon at the top of your GOOGLE +. A little square with red,blue,red and yellow.Right now, only available games are from Zynga, POPCAP and Rovio. I was first hookup with FB when I came to know Farmtown It’s a game that wasted a lot of my time at the office.

Now I’m happy playing City of Wonders. What I like about this game is that it loads fast and very very educational perse. My wife told me that its like empires and allies in FACBOOK. Hmmmm Anyway, whatever it is, I’m still confident with google. I push thru more on Google + because it’s a way of giving back the search giant a help on marketing their Social Network for a some valid reason that  I don’t want to reveal.


here are some screenshots of the game.


still trying out that fits my we all know they are time wasters…

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